Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Garden

We remain committed to families and the community.

We have organised our facilities in response to social distancing guidelines. The guidelines limit indoor funeral services up to 20 people or outdoor funeral services up to 30 people (excluding clergy/celebrant and staff). The guidelines also limit 10 people visiting their loved ones at the park together.

Keeping everyone safe and respecting your loved ones is our priority.

We are here for you 24/7, please contact us on (02) 9269 0288.

Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Garden

Rebirth, Excellence and Eternity

Rebirth, Excellence and Eternity, all three are important elements to the creation, design and intention behind Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens.

These concepts are why we have created a Chinese place of eternal rest. A memorial with us is one that will bring good fortune to your family both now and for future generations.

With yin and yang in balance, the Phoenix and the Dragon are in mystical harmony, while the Butterfly reminds us that while we will be reborn, our time on this earth is just as important. Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens is Sydney’s premier place of eternal rest for Chinese families.








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There are five benefits if you prepay a memorial for yourself or your loved one with us.



1. Taking care of yourself and looking after your family.

减轻负担 ,更多选择

2. Reducing the burden on your family while giving yourself more choices.


3. Perpetual right of land for the memorial, worry-free.


4. Permanent  memorial maintenance and great management system.


5. Our no interest instalment plan will help you manage your financial situation.

中国人的传统中有 五福临⻔ 之说

There are five blessings in the Chinese tradition.

第⼀福 ⻓寿 - 命不夭折,福寿延年

First blessing: Long life.

第⼆福 康宁 - 身体健康,⼼心灵安泰

Second blessing: Healthy body.

第三福 富贵 - 钱财富足,地位尊贵

Third blessing: Wealth and respect.

第四福 好德 - ⾏善积德,福有悠归

Fourth blessing: Morality.

第五福 善终 - 临命终时,没有牵挂

Fifth blessing: Well prepared for leaving this world.

所以我们应居安思危,破除迷信,⽤⼀颗豁达的心,安然接受 生、⽼、病、死 的人生自然命运及旅 程。

Therefore we should prepare forward, be openminded to the journey and destiny of our life.

Arrange for a complimentary guided tour

Lung Po Shan's dedicated Memorial Consultants are available to give you an obligation free tour of our Chinese Memorial Gardens.

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24小时热线: (02) 9269 0288

办公地址: Suite 411 Pacific Trade Centre, 368 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A Chinese place for eternal rest and peace

An eternal memorial at Lung Po Shan in an expression of love, loyalty, piety and reverence towards a much loved family member.

Lung Po Shan has a wide range of memorial options for you to consider. Our memorials are affordable with interest free payment plans available.




Community activities by Lung Po Shan

Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens dedicates itself to assisting Chinese Australians to celebrate the annual Ching Ming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival. 

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