Pinegrove Memorial Park
松柏紀念公園 (內設龍寶山和永安園)


龍寶山 Lung Po Shan

Lung Po Shan is a beautiful Memorial Park. This Fung Shui area has Lucky Animals including a Dragon, Tiger, Bird and Tortoise. There is also a Mountain of God is a to protect this area.

龍寶山是一個環境幽美, 配合風水寶地。內有左青龍、右白虎、前朱雀,後玄武的佈 局。加上山神庇祐,是一塊極皆福地。

God of the Mountain Icon

永安園 Moon Gate

永安園是一個骨灰壁龕區, 專為一些喜歡熱鬧聚集的朋友。而且永安園位於龍寶山, 能得到風水的優點, 亦有山神的庇護。

Moon Gate located in Lung Po Shan is the district of Niches which has the benefits of Fung Shui and the protection from the Mountain of God.

Moongate Niche Wall