Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens often receives letters of thanks from the families we have served. You can read some of these letters here.


"The place has grown and the community has grown attached to the place. John and I feel so privileged that we have pre-arranged with Lung Po Shan, and so are all our sons."

福地發展日趨完善, 人們對福地的支持和愛戴之心亦,與日俱增. 我們舉家上下慶幸參加了未雨綢繆計劃,可以一勞永逸.

— John & Queenie Yuen

"I take my parents here year after year and I bring them to attend all of the events. They are so happy and look forward to all of your events. Thanks to you all."


— Sydney Ying

"The place is getting better and better each time we visit to pay respects to my father. My mother, who is very old, is very happy."


— Dr. Benedict Wong

"In 2003 we purchased a single rock garden at Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens for our parents. With the instalment plan, it became easy for our brothers to share the costs by a monthly contribution. Lung Po Shan is very unique and we have not seen its like anywhere else. It is neat, clean and maintained regularly. It has a nice and quiet atmosphere and is close to the M4 for easy access. We have always found the staff to be very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We are very happy to have made the choice to be Lung Po Shan memorial holders. Regards,"


— Bruce

"In 2008 we purchased a family memorial for my parents at Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens because of its unique and peaceful surroundings. Our Memorial Consultant, Ms Phoebe Ng, is very knowledgable about Chinese customs and Fung Shui aspects and we are very grateful for her assistance. My mother passed away recently and my father and I are very pleased with the kind assistance we received from all at Lung Pop Shan at that time. Thank you very much,"

在2008年,我們為家人購買了位於龍寶山華人永遠陵園的家庭靈位,全因該處擁有獨特而安寧的環境。我們的殯儀顧問Ms Phoebe Ng非常熟悉華人的習俗和風水等各方面的事項,我們對她的協助十分感激。我的母親最近去世,父親和我都對龍寶山當時給予的熱心援助感到相當欣慰。非常感謝。

— Julie Choy

"I am very happy to be part of the Lung Po Shan family. I purchased a heritage estate for my whole family for several important reasons. First, I very much like the design of Lung Po Shan which is like a beautiful garden. It is easy to access and very well laid out. The Chinese Memorial Consultants are experts and are very caring and kind. They look after the families and the memorials as if you are their own family member. Last, but just as important, my family will have luck as now that everything is prearranged, they have no worries for the future. Thank you Lung Po Shan."


— Mr. Wu

"The memorial site is great and the services provided by the management are to a very high standard. I highly recommend Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens to any family looking for a memorial in Sydney. Sincerely,"

— James Ip

"In 1999 I prearranged a burial plot for myself at Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens. I like Lung Po Shan because the managers and consultants are very kind. They follow up on my requests with great care. The memorial park is very beautiful, it is more like a garden than a graveyard and it is looked after beautifully by the management. In my view, buying a memorial at Lung Po Shan provides the best fortune for a Chinese family in Sydney. Thank you Lung Po Shan."


— Madam Sze M Chow