五福: 長壽, 康寧, 富貴, 好德, 善終 Five Blessings: Longevity, Health, Wealth & Respect, Morality, and a Good End.




Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens often receives letters of thanks from the families we have served. You can read some of these letters here.


"We purchased our memorial at Lung Po Shan quite a long time ago and we have felt it was a very good decision that  benefited ourselves and our children. The reason is that when my good friend passed away I saw how much pressure his children were put under, and they found it difficult to cope. There is a great deal of pressure on the younger generation these days. Home prices are high and their work is demanding, not like what we went through when we had sufficient of everything. 

Therefore to arrange our own affairs, and not passing our worries to our children, is the most important thing we can do for them."

我们很早就已经在龙宝山购买了自己的福地。我们一直都觉得这是一个对自己和子女都有利的 决定,因为我们见过我的好友离世时他们子女不单要承受莫大的压力而且根本就忙不过来。现 在年轻人压力那么大,房价高工作又幸苦,不像我们以前做好自己本分的事情至少吃穿不愁。提前准备好自己的事情,不给子女添麻烦是我们两个老家伙现在为子女做的最大的事情。

— Mr Zhang & Mrs Wu

"I have always felt that we have been very fortunate to have Miss Yeung as our consultant. She has been very helpful in explaining and responding to all our questions. She has used her professional knowledge to help us choose the ideal memorial in accordance with our culture and fengshui. Every year we gladly take part in the Ching Ming and Chung Yeung festivals at Lung Po Shan, and every time we feel reassured that our memorial has been chosen with care and great attention to detail.

Also we would like to thank Ms Quach for including us in the notification of activities, and explaining to us carefully the details of each event. A big thank you to Ms Quach."

我一直觉得能遇到顾问杨小姐是我们最大的幸运。她非常的热心肠,不但不厌其烦的为我们解 答各种问题,并且用她的专业知识帮助我们精心挑选了合乎我们家乡习俗和风水的理想地方。我们每年都会去参加龙宝山的清明和重阳庆典活动,每次都能感受到我们的福地是被精心照料 过的。另外郭小姐也一直很细心,每次报名活动她都会把活动细节细细讲给我们听,请务必代 我感谢她。

— Kwok Yeung Chen

"When my dad passed away I was really anxious and worried, because what he wanted was burial, not cremation. So as children we wanted to do everything to comply with his last wishes. I am so glad that we contacted Lung Po Shan, their consultant was very caring and professional. He guided us through arranging the funeral and the selection of a memorial, and supported us during our lowest moments. Even though after the event there was a little hick up, but on reflection, I am very satisfied with the timely assistance and the feedback provided."

我父亲去世的时候我其实非常慌乱,因为他身前一直希望的是土葬,作为子女我们自然会尽最 大努力来圆他最后的心愿。很高兴当时打通了龙宝山咨询中心的电话,他们的顾问让我充分感 觉到了这里的关怀和专业,从选地到葬礼的安排我们都得到了专业的指导,这让在低谷期的我 们得到了莫大的支持。之后尽管发生了一点点不愉快的事情,但这边的及时处理和事后反馈让 我非常的满意。

— BinBin

"The place has grown and the community has grown attached to the place. John and I feel so privileged that we have pre-arranged with Lung Po Shan, and so are all our sons."

福地發展日趨完善, 人們對福地的支持和愛戴之心亦,與日俱增. 我們舉家上下慶幸參加了未雨綢繆計劃,可以一勞永逸.

— John & Queenie Yuen

"I take my parents here year after year and I bring them to attend all of the events. They are so happy and look forward to all of your events. Thanks to you all."


— Sydney Ying

"The place is getting better and better each time we visit to pay respects to my father. My mother, who is very old, is very happy."


— Dr. Benedict Wong

"I am very happy to be part of the Lung Po Shan family. I purchased a heritage estate for my whole family for several important reasons. First, I very much like the design of Lung Po Shan which is like a beautiful garden. It is easy to access and very well laid out. The Chinese Memorial Consultants are experts and are very caring and kind. They look after the families and the memorials as if you are their own family member. Last, but just as important, my family will have luck as now that everything is prearranged, they have no worries for the future. Thank you Lung Po Shan."


— Mr. Wu

"The memorial site is great and the services provided by the management are to a very high standard. I highly recommend Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens to any family looking for a memorial in Sydney. Sincerely,"

— James Ip