Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens dedicates itself to assisting Chinese Australians to celebrate the annual Ching Ming Festival. The festival usually takes place in late March or early April according to the Australian calendar.

Ching Ming is a time to cherish and share memories of loved ones who have passed away.

It’s an official public holiday in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, and an important way for Chinese people to preserve centuries of tradition by passing it down to their Australian-born children.

The annual cultural event is a time for the young and old to visit their ancestors’ graves, sweeping memorial sites and offering up prayers and gifts of food, drink and special paper money to cleanse any bad spirits.

Special features at Ching Ming celebrations include symbolic Koi fish ‘life release’ and blessings bestowed by an eminent monk. The day is completed with cultural activities, music and food. Lung Po Shan also arranges for a free coach service to and from Strathfield train station to help make attending the festival easier.

Special guests are often in attendance, including local, state and federal politicians as well as leading members of the Chinese community.






Lung Po Shan Chinese Memorial Gardens Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming 2019

For full details of the 2019 Ching Ming Festival event at Lung Po Shan, please download this pdf.