五福: 長壽, 康寧, 富貴, 好德, 善終 Five Blessings: Longevity, Health, Wealth & Respect, Morality, and a Good End.

About Us



Lung Po Shan Memorial Gardens is part of InvoCare, a publicly owned Australian company and the leading provider of the cemetery and related services in the Asia-Pacific region. InvoCare provides services in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and has a growing presence in China.

Lung Po Shan was established in 1997 to give the Chinese communities of Sydney and surrounding areas a final resting place that honours and treasures the customs of the Chinese homeland. Ever since then Lung Po Shan has been the premier destination and eternal place of rest and peace for the Chinese community in New South Wales.

Lung Po Shan has been designed by a Feng Shui master with the highest integrity to Feng Shui ideals and principles. We regularly play host to important Chinese festivals such as Ching Ming and Chung Yeung. We are also active in the community through appearances on radio stations 2AC and 2RRR, a wide range of community events and through our association with leading Chinese organisations such as the Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizens Club and the Four Arts Chinese Scholar Association.

At Lung Po Shan all memorials are held by the family in perpetuity which means it will belong to your family forever. This gives many families a great sense of comfort and is above and beyond what you’ll find at many of Sydney’s other cemeteries.

Our Memorial Consultants are knowledgeable and helpful. Our gardeners and grounds staff are skilled and respectful. When you choose a memorial within our gardens, you can be assured that the strength of InvoCare and the expertise of Lung Po Shan will be with you forever.

Our Mission

Lung Po Shan Memorial Garden is Sydney’s oldest and most established Chinese Feng Shui designed memorial garden.

Our Mission is to create an eternally beautiful place for you and your family to visit.

We do this by:

  • Having specially trained Chinese-speaking Memorial Consultants
  • Creating peaceful, fully maintained memorials that will be in your family forever
  • Providing full traditional Chinese burials at your request
  • Hosting events at important times of the year, such as Ching Ming and Chung Yeung, to ensure that eternal fortune is available for you and your family members.
The mission of Lung Po Shan is to create an eternally beautiful place for you and your family to visit.

The benefits of a memorial at Lung Po Shan include:

  • Beautifully maintained burial and cremation memorials that bring luck, longevity and good fortune to all, including future generations
  • Burial and cremation rights are in perpetuity –there is no time limit on when the memorial must be used and your eternal memorial will always be yours
  • You can choose from an array of personally designed family estates. You can also choose your own decorative plants from our selected plant range
  • Our memorials are affordable with interest free payment plans available
  • The eternal care and maintenance of your memorial is provided for now and for the future
  • Your very own dedicated Chinese Memorial Consultant will consult with your family, answer all of your questions and help you identify your lucky dates.


Our People

Lung Po Shan has for many years have been an important part of the services InvoCare provides to the Chinese community, the services are provided by a team of dedicated Memorial Consultants as well as gardeners and landscapers who are experts in their field.

Lung Po Shan’s highly trained Chinese-speaking Memorial Consultants can communicate in a variety of Chinese dialects. Our Memorial Consultants are sensitive to and understand Chinese traditions and culture. This is of great comfort to families as they make their memorial arrangements.




龙宝山是由风水大师选址及设计,处处体现风水理念及原则。我们每年都会在清明和重阳节主持庆典活动,同时我们也会在2AC和2RRR电台进行相关宣传。另外,我们也会和一些知名华人社团如依士活高齡華人友誼, 琴棋書畫協會合作举办各式社区活动,积极参与并对华人社区作出贡献。







  • 确保每一位中文福地顾问都接受过良好的专业培训
  • 为您和您的家庭创造一个安静祥和、精心修缮的陵园
  • 如果需要的话,我们可提供完全中国风的殡仪服务
  • 在每年的清明节、重阳节举办活动,确保您和您的家人好运常相随。


  • 精致打理的陵园能为您及您的子孙后代带来好运,长寿和吉祥。
  • 永久的使用权 - 在使用方面并无时间限制并且永久归您所有。
  • 多样化的产品和位置可供您任意挑选,并且部分产品更是可以从我们植物列表中选择您喜欢的植物,我们会为您精心打理。
  • 我们的陵墓经济实惠并且可提供无息分期付款。
  • 我们将为陵墓提供永久保养及打理服务
  • 您专属的福地顾问会根据您的情况提供咨询意见和建议,解答您的所有问题包括选择黄道吉日等





Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is Australia’s leading provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria and related services.